June 2015

Hey guys! Seeing as though we are already half way through the year and another month has passed by quickly. I just want to sit and have a chat with you all and reflect on what June as it was a busy month for me and my blog.

I understand I did a lot of posts from a while back such as McBusted and The Vamps, but I needed to tell you all my experiences. If you have already read my previous posts you'll already know this month I got to see 5 Seconds of Summer live on their first UK tour with my best friend Jess. Also I got to see the Queen herself, Taylor Swift in Glasgow last week on her 1989 tour with Alex. Obviously these two nights were the best but I also got up to a few other things as well.

I just want to highlight the fact that the sun has eventually came out this month which meant, getting out my sunglasses and trying to get a tan. I always feel though when the sun shines everyone is always a lot more happier and smiley and a lot more relaxed about life.

A lot of you will probably be thinking that I must of no time for spending time with friends as I'm always on social media but I feel this month I have become closer to many of my friends. Such as Jess, I got to spend pretty much the entire day with her at 5SOS and I finally got to meet the others such as Emily and Laura. But I think since exams have finished and that stress is now over for a short while, my friendship group have spent quality time together. Whether it was  going down the river or simply having a night in at someones house.

Sometimes you don't need a well organised night or day to have a laugh and enjoy the moment. I think I have realised from the words of Taylor Swift that a friend only has two requirements. One, is that you should like me (even if it is just a little) and secondly, you should want to spend time with me.

Saturday 20th June, was an emotional day. It was my last ever dance show with Razzamataz after 11 years of being part of their family and training with them. Razzamataz taught me many skills that I can transfer across in any situation. They've helped me with self-confidence, and finding who I am really am. As well as giving me leadership responsibilities and the experiences I would of never had such as performing down in Her Majesty's Theatre three times.

And finally as most of you already know it was my birthday so I won't go into any details but if you want to read my birthday blog post click the link.

Thank you guys for all your support with my blog, as I am glad I am back posting regularly (even though my posts are pretty boring). Comment below any posts you would like to see on my blog.

Hannah-Mae x

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