Its about time you got to know me a little better I think...

Anyways, I got tagged by the lovely Bethan Hannah Rowley to do the #AskTheFangirl tag. You can read her tag on blog at this link:

I tag Jess, Milly and Emily.

1. First person I've ever fangirled over?
- I'm not entirely sure as when I was younger I pretty much loved anyone who was top of the charts or in all the girly magazines. But I guess I was obsessed with S Club 7 (I mean who wasn't, I even had their tour on video cassette).

2. Current obsession?
- You probably all know, it is The Vamps and Taylor Swift for music artists and Josh Hutcherson of course.

3. Favourite band?
- Obviously its The Vamps, hahahaa. But I cant chose my second favourite as 5SOS, McFly / Busted, Arctic Monkeys, The 1975. Oh, I can't forget One Direction *cringe*.

4. Favourite singer?
- It has to be Taylor Swift as she is killing it at the moment with her fifth album '1989' and her '1989 Tour' too, I just love her.

5. Favourite YouTuber?
- I am not a huge YouTube watcher but recently have been watching a few different YouTubers. Some of my favourite YouTubers are Ebony Day, Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler and Caspar Lee. They all have different content and qualities but I love them all and its what I do in my down time to rewind.

6. First concert?
- I think it was The Saturdays when they toured back in 2011, I went with my friend Alice and we somehow managed to get to the front by saying our parents were at the barrier.

7. Favourite movie?
- I'm not a huge movie watcher, but if I had to chose I'd say The Hunger Games Triology. I can't wait for Mocking Jay Part Two in November.

8. Favourite actor/ actress?
- Favourite actor has to be Josh Hutcherson, whether that's him in Bridge to Terrabithia or The Hunger Games. You've probably guessed who my favourite actress is already. Yeah, you got it. It's Jennifer Lawrence.
9. First celebrity crush?
- If I'm totally honest I don't know who was my first, all I can remember is I used to like Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) in High School Musical.

10. Ever got made fun of for something you like?
- Yeah, well I think so anyways. My friends make jokes and we have inside jokes about pretty much everything but I go along with it for a laugh.

11. Favourite book?
- I love Giovanna Fletchers books, especially 'Billy and I'. Hopefully I can buy 'Dream A Little Dream' shortly as I have heard it's an amazing read.

12. Favourite TV show?
- Now most people would say Pretty Little Liars or Orange Is The New Black, but I am not a big TV show watcher. I don't really have a favourite, as I'd rather watch films if I have the spare time.

13. Favourite fictional character?
- How can I chose... I am just gonna say Katniss Everdeen.

14. Something I love about the fandom I'm in?
- You could say I'm part of the vamps fandom which has numerous names, 'vamily' or 'vampette'. I guess I love everyone in this fandom, because I met some truly amazing girls from it and I like to call them my best internet friends. I've also been lucky enough to meet them all too.

15. Something I hate about being in the fandom I'm in?
- It has to be the arguing and comments between squads / different groups of people with in the fandom. Especially on Twitter or if one of my friends meet the boys, other "squads" get extremely jealous and start spreading rumours.

16. Would I ever take a bullet for the people I fangirl over?
- Well, I haven't needed to think about that... So I don't know....

17. Do I ever hide the fact I like someone out of fear of being teased?
- No, I'd rather be honest with friends as if anything they'll just make inside jokes and it's fine. You should never be afraid to admit to someone that you like them, over the fact you fear being teased.

18. Have I ever met any of my idols?
- NO! Next time The Vamps tour I will meet them. I will do whatever it takes to meet them.

19. Do I have any merch of the people I fangirl over?
- Obviously I do, I feel if you don't have at least one item of merch then you can't be a proper fangirl. Don't shoot me, this is my own opinion.

20. Favourite fangirl moment?
- I guess meeting The Tide and speaking to all four of them individually and sneaking back in to meet them for a second time when they supported The Vamps on their 2015 UK Arena Tour.

I know this isn't what I usually post and I apologise if this has changed your opinion on me but I guess this is me and if you don't like who I am, I ain't changing for you. But I hoped you enjoyed it. x
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