Alton Towers

So beginning of this week was a very exciting for me as  I went to down to Alton Towers Resort with my family and a few family friends of ours. I hadn't been to Alton Towers in over two years so i was excited to get away. We decided it would be easier if we camped down near Alton meaning it was easy access with the car to get an early start in the theme park and as well not feel rushed to get home.

Monday morning came and we set off on our four hour car journey down to Alton, for most of the journey I sat and listened to music whilst re reading 'Billy and Me' by Giovanna Fletcher. Sadly we got stuck in traffic which delayed our journey by an hour which wasn't ideal but we had packed loads of snacks and drinks to keep us hydrated and living. Once we arrived we got the tent all pitched up and headed to the nearest super market to get food for tea.

We woke up at a reasonable time and got ourselves ready to head to Alton Towers (the theme park). I did basic makeup and wore a black vest top with my black and green harem trousers because they are super comfy. I really liked this outfit for the theme park as it's simple and comfortable. I saw people in skirts and dresses and thought to myself how difficult it must be going on the rides with them on. Also I took my camera, although it was a nuisance to carry around for most of the time, all of the attractions had shelves where you could store bags whilst you were on the ride.

Anyway, we got our tickets and headed toward Nemesis, which we went on numerous times in a row since there was barely any queue. We then went on to my favourite ride Air. It literally feels like you are a bird or superman flying through the sky as your are lying down on your front for most of the ride. Again the queues were very short so I made sure we made the most of it by going on every thrill ride at least twice. After we headed to Hex, which is an unusual simulator style ride, which messes with your mind and leaves you totally confused to what had happened on the ride. Obviously The Smiler was closed, so we went on the Oblivion more times than enough. 

On Wednesday we went to Splash Landings: Water Park. I was actually looking forward to going but once we got in to the water park I was disappointed as it was very childish with sprinklers and fountains for little kids to run around in. The only slides were fairly short and didn't have much speed. Also I think we spent more time queuing for the rubber rings than we spent on the slide itself. Other than that it was good but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone over the age of 12.

Amid all the fast roller coasters and queues, Alton Towers has its gardens which are hidden away deep in the the valley.We took a walk through to soak up the full experience and for my luck this was when the sun began to shine. Walking through the gardens felt like I was in a magic woods in a mysterious undiscovered place. As well as its beautiful views, plants and scenery, The Alton Towers are just as amazing, and some photographic opportunities I couldn't miss.


Besides spending the day at Alton Towers for this trip away my family and a few friends went camping for a couple of nights and it was just fun to get away and spend the time away from home and the same routine and be adventurous and not have everything planned out. My favourite part to camping has to be toasting marshmallows on the campfire and just being myself. Having a laugh with each other and sharing our thoughts together.

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