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You are probably glad that I haven't posted in almost a week, as I tend to talk non stop in every post. But on Tuesday I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to see the queen of music live with Alex. You've no doubt guessed who it is. Yes. It was Taylor Swift!

Back in November, I remember we had to get Alex's grandma to get our tickets to go see Taylor up in Glasgow on one of her UK tour dates. We are the luckiest girls ever as we managed to get tickets straight away. I ran over to Alex as we jumped around in excitement that we were able to see our woman crush on stage.

Our journey began on Tuesday morning as we set off from Carlisle at 10:30am getting into to Glasgow for 1pm. We headed to the SSE Hydro Arena, and got on the shuttle train heading to the city centre for lunch, shopping and to soak up the Glaswegian atmosphere.
Starbucks lovers (although they are Costa)

Buskers- if anyone knows what this band are called comment below

@GregorColeman - amazing musican
Alex ft Taylor Swift in Urban Outfitters
Soon we went back to the arena and spent time looking at the merchandise, taking many selfies and photos together and were trying to emotionally prepare ourselves for what was about to come ahead of us.

Once we had got in the arena we bought all the merch we wanted, the 1989 tour t-shirt, tour book and wristbands. It was time to head up numerous flights of stairs to get to our seats. Considering we were at the very back of the arena we could see the stage clearly which got us extremely hyped knowing we would see the one and only Taylor Swift on that stage in front of us in less than an hour.

We got to our seats to find these white rubber bands, at first we didn't know what they were for but we soon realised. These would light up during Taylor's set and change colours and flash automatically depending on the song she sang. Once again we took many selfies inside the arena, of the stage, with our tour books and even Alex's seat as she was on 89, taken from the tour name 1989 ahaha.

Shortly the support act came on and it was Vance Joy. He was very good, and got the audience singing along to Riptide and a few others of his songs. 

Half past eight came and the arena was sold out, no seat or standing area empty. Taylor Swift took to the stage and smashed every song she sang and also talked to the audience who she called us her friends and inspired us all. 

Opening the show with Welcome to New York got us all singing and dancing alongside her.
She blew us all away as every other song she changed outfits, to extra sparkly dresses and play suits which made her legs look longer. My favourite outfit was the pink LED light dress she wore during How You Get The Girl. After many songs from her album 1989 she performed a few of her classics from older eras, such as Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. 

During Clean and Wildest Dreams it's fair to say the audience was practically in tears. The flashing bands looked amazing in the audience, I can't even begin to imagine how spectacular to looked from Taylor's point of view. Sadly her set came to an end as she closed the concert with Shake It Off, with everyone up on their feet, shimming and dancing along, it was a truly the best end to a concert I have ever experienced.

I could talk all day about the concert and how breathtaking it all was to see your idol on stage in front of your very eyes. So I will end it here and let you look through a few more photos.

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