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I want to apologise now for not keeping to a regular schedule for posting, but I'm back!


Over a month ago now I got another piercing and I want to share it with you all. I've gathered up a little collection that I want to show you alongside the next piercing that I really really want.

Left ear (pictured below):
  • I have 2 lobe piercings, both done with guns. I think I was 7 for my first piercing and I got my seconds done in 2011. I then got my helix (upper cartilage) pierced in 2013 with a gun (bad I know), but it soon healed up and is fine after 4 months of good cleaning and care. I'd advise anyone who is getting or wanting their helix pierced to use a needle so it doesn't shatter the cartilage. 
Then my most recent, my rook! It was unplanned and I went out of the blue to get it pierced. I had it done with a needle and the piercing itself is like a short scratch, with medium pain. Although I was expecting the pain to be more than it actually was. I'm taking very good care of this piercing as I have to keep it in for 5-6 months before I can change it, also cleaning it on a regular basis helps reduce the risk of it becoming infected. It's only if I catch it on my ear phones or hair brush then that's when it really hurts. It looks hidden away and fiddly to reach so I do not intend on changing it as I feel this bar fits perfectly.

Right ear (pictured below):

  • First and second lobe piercings same as described above.
Tragus piercing. I got this done in summer 2014 with a needle.  The piercing itself was less painful than I had anticipated it to be. I did a good job cleaning it by using diluted antibacterial Detol, and caring for it making sure no hair was caught around the front ball. The soreness I would rank slightly more painful than the helix piercing, primarily because it is in a weirder place. I wouldn't sleep, use the phone or headphones on that side to avoid getting it infected but now it's healed fine.

Future piercings (image below):
Soon after I had my rook pierced I took to Pinterest and created a board with piercings I love! Hopefully in the near future I will be able to get my forward helix pierced twice. The pain isn't meant to be as bad as the rook piercing, so I should be able to manage it. I think the piercing looks subtle yet sophisticated as it is not over the top. I'd hopefully have it done on my right ear so it flows with my tragus piercing. There are many other piercings I love but this will be my next one I go for.

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