Holiday Snaps... || Santa Susana & Barcelona

Hey holiday, hey summer!!

I have decided to share a collection of photos as a mini photo diary from my most recent holiday. I absolutely love looking back at photos - it is hands down my favourite thing to do especially holiday photos and reminiscing on old memories. I love photos that are full of happiness of just enjoying your time chilling in the sunshine looking sunkissed.

These holiday snaps are all taken from Santa Susana and Barcelona took on the HUJI app. I am obsessed with this app at the moment for capturing the best raw moments. It is the best app to get the cutest filter and they look like they've been taken on a lil disposable camera that would cost you an absolute fortune to develop. Most are blurry, some are actually just total crap with fingers prints in the way, but they’re real moments with a whole load of memories behind them.



Santa Susana itself is a beautiful little town on the coast of Costa Brava, Spain. I had never heard of the area before so was super excited to explore the beaches and food as well as take a day trip down to Barcelona on the train. SO, let’s start with where to stay. We were at the Tahiti Playa hotel and it was BEAUT-iful which looked on to the beach and was a stone throw away from the main strip of restaurant and bars. 


As for Barcelona, the city and its architecture are utterly amazing! Since we were only there for the day we seriously had to make the most of it, which meant hopping on a bus tour and doing as many touristy things as possible. From taking pics outside La Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triomf, strolling down La Rambla eating melted ice cream and heading west of the city to Camp Nou!! I loved Barcelona for the day, eating far too much tapas food and drinking Estrella by the litre. 

However, I don't think I will be back to the city for a little -- to me it is one of those places you go once and don't really need to go back too unless needed. I have so many other cities I want to explore but this is certainly one to tick off my bucket list!!

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