Lets Talk About... University Year One

Today I want to talk about my experience of my first year at university and just everything about the past year. If you've been following my posts, you'll know that I was super duper nervous to move away from home, make new friends and settling into my course. However, a year a little everything has changed! And I couldn't have asked for a better lot of friends, I am loving my course and moving away isn't as scary as it first seems.

Was it what I expected? HELL NO!

It did it. I made it through first year!

Coming to university was something I was scared of, not in the sense of the course and work load but more the social side, being happy and enjoying every moment. Don't get me wrong my first year has had its downs, with the stress from multiple deadlines for assignments, making sure I managed my own budget each week and simply finding that perfect balance of socialising/hanging out with friends and doing research, reading and work.


But a year later, I finally feel like I have found people that I want to keep in my life for a very long time.

It all comes down to my best friend, flatmate and now she gets the joys of sharing a house with me for another year (poor thing?!). You know when you just click with someone and within weeks you are already having deep chats, know each other inside and out well Ciara Tumility is that girl. It's so cliché but I really do hope we stay friends for the rest of life.

It doesn't just stop there, Lucy Farrell you absolute gem, she is the type of girl that everyone needs in their life as she will always have your back no matter what. I could talk about so many others, however, I don't want to bore you all to sleep. So.... finally, my boyfriend, Alex, not gonna lie feels weird saying that online to you all but yes I do have one and ahhh I frankly I don't have the words, to sum up, the feeling of being genuinely happy with someone, like it is just truly wonderful.

Honestly, the best part of the university for me has to have been falling in love with the friends I have made and I am absolute lurvvvvin' the course so I'm learning and knowing that both are making me the woman I am today! First year has certainly shown my weaknesses, strengths, flaws and skills and it is safe to say I am a little bit nervous about what I am capable of achieving in my next year too!

Here’s to year two at the best place with the best people!!


If you are having doubts or worries about going to university, don't get me wrong not everyone has the best of experiences but if you want the challenge and want to make the most of exploring, becoming the person you should be and finding some of the most amazing friends it is certainly worth it. I'm all for taking a little risk now and then to become happy and content with life as it's too short to sit back and do nothing 
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