There's No Place Like... Home Sweet Home

As you could probably tell from my Northern Quarter post, I am absolutely loving living in Manchester and I have found soooo many new fave places to go… not only because it’s got crazy beautiful views or because there is SO much to do there, but also because of the oh so many lush places to eat at! But before I going ramble on about every single one of my favourite places to eat, I'll talk about one I've been to recently that I absolute lurveee and it's called "Home Sweet Home".

Each time I've been I instantly fall more in love with the place! Just everything about it, the drinks, food, decor, music and cakes, what more could you want. First time I went for brunch and had the best pancakes I've ever had, but oh no, these were not just any pancakes, they were topped with bacon, scrambled eggs, blueberries with… and wait for it…syrup drizzled all over. I was in heaven.

Other few times I have been, it has been either for lunch or dinner and ohh em gee the menu just keeps getting better and better. I have had tried to vary what I have chosen to eat, first time I went for the classic nachos which were super cheesy and had the best guacamole I have ever tasted! Second I felt a little more adventurous going for the BBQ pulled pork burrito and I was so fricking tasty I couldn't finish it (which I was very annoyed about) :( Plus to add that little extra they have some of the best ranged cocktails, from a sweet fruity twist to original butterbeer and their build your own G&T option which is perfect. Since it’s SOO close to summer now and as our evenings are brightening up it is such a lovely place to sit in their G&T garden with the sunshine beating down on you, BLISS!!

So guys, seriously, if you are ever in Manchester and around either Northern Quarter or Deansgate take a trip to the "Home Sweet Home" and you will not be disappointed. The staff are amazing, the food is perfect and the atmosphere is super lovely.

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