Packing For Summer in NYC

Packing to go on holiday can be such a nightmare. Especially if you're like me and you want to pack every single piece of clothing you own so you have back up options for a 'just in case... this happens '. Whenever I know I have something booked I instantly begin planning what I will need to take, that evolved into a packing list for what I would need for my week away in New York City.

NYC is a huge city with a huge presence. Depending on what you are going to be doing, whether you spend your time site seeing or venturing about like a local. The summers are usually hot, and sometimes (ok, usually) humid. I decided to go for a simple colour palette with a combination of dressy with casual elements, nothing too over the top.

I put together a few outfits that I will certainly be taking away with me. They are made up from the key staple fashion items and I've slightly altered some items transforming the looks. This is definitely of a summer temperate list but the same idea can be applied for different temps by adding layers such as over-sized sweaters, scarfs or jackets.

Outfit #1:

Outfit #2:

Outfit #3:

Outfit #4:

I hope this post is inspirational if you're heading to any city this summer and want to keep your outfits casual but with a sense of sophistication too. Comment below if you're going any where nice and which of the four outfits you would wear.

Lots of love

** please note that some items I have linked are not the exact items but are similar to what has been photographed. Only because some items of clothing are unavailable online anymore,  :(
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