What's in my bag?

We've all been back to school or collage for a couple weeks now, and I keep just shoving stuff in to my bag and forgetting to take it out (don't lie we all do it). Since it's end of the week I'm gonna give it a good clear out and tell you guys what I have in my bag on a day to day.

To start my bag is from New Look and it is a Flip Lock Backpack in white, if you haven't already guessed, and it was about £25 but I sadly they don't have them in stock anymore :( This bag is super handy if I am going away for the day as there is plenty of space and side pockets for essentials. And its also easy to carry around on a daily basis, when I'm in sixth form or just popping in to town with friends. Plus the colour is neutral and literally goes with any outfit, which is always a bonus.

What's inside I hear you all asking, well I have my....
♡ Purse
♡ Phone
♡ Charger
♡ Two sets of earphones
♡ Vaseline
♡ Hollister body mist spray
♡ Glasses
♡ Sunglasses (just in case)
♡ Socks
♡ Driving licenese
♡ Diary
♡ "Girl things"
♡ Pencil case

So there is my handbag contents…Sorry it's not that exciting!
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