Things us girls hate about boys

Hey guys- I just wanted to make a quick post about things that boys do that I find annoying, which is pretty much every single thing that they do, all the time. PLEASE do not take anything I say personally, as this is my own opinion so you may disagree or agree.

Let's get started!

Firstly the main thing that annoys me is that there are cute boys so you keep liking them. For me in particular it's boys in bands, please say I'm not the only one who thinks this?

These two are kinda similar but it's when you're mid conversation or ask a question to them and they read the message but don’t answer. Or when they they act like he likes you and then he ignores you. This bugs the hell out of me, it's not hard to send a quick reply back instead of totally blanking. Also mixed signals from guys confuses us girls a lot.

When they belittle you, or when they force you into doing things you don't want to do, for example if they become controlling and use you... No girl should be treated this way. Another reason is if boys want you to change your personality or appearance just so you "look better" or look like celebrities or Victoria Secret models. Girls just NO, never ever change who you are because you're beautiful and perfect the way you are.

When boys do that spit thing when they are walking down street… When boys walk down the road with their hands down their trousers… It is just gross, there is no need for it...

And finally, when boys act totally different when they're around their friends, they become a lot more confident and big-headed. Or when they choose their fave sport or video game like FIFA over their girl. Just so they can hang out with "the guys".

Obviously not all boys do these things and act like this, it's just things I notice from day to day from boys.

I wanna know what annoys you about boys, so comment below. Also if you're a boy and reading this, what annoys you about girls as we are pretty crazy so go ahead comment in the box!
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