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I couldn't of thought of a better way to spend my early May Bank Holiday Monday. I probably should of been revising but when it comes to seeing The Vamps live on their first UK arena tour in Newcastle, it was an opportunity not to miss.

With a relatively early start my friend, Milly and I, travelled over to Newcastle making it just in time to join the queue for The Tide's signing. We queued for over an hour but it was definitely worth the wait. Once we got to them they signed their photo and took selfies with all four of them. They were all extremely nice and Drew even commented on my fashion and my fedora hat. By this point I had totally fallen for Drew, another to add to my celebrity crushes. By the way, if anyone could get me Drew for my birthday, I would love you forever. At this point I wanted to see them again so we managed to sneak back into the arena and met The Tide again, who took more photo.
The Tide- Drew and Nate. Austin and Levi.
Afterwards Milly and I hung around the arena hoping we would of have a chance to try catch a glimpse of The Vamps. I soon got in contact with Jess Davis and a few others who were at the boys hotel and had met all four of them and had photos with them. This day was the first time we had time to take photos together and hugged, since I hadn't seen her since last September, when we met for the first time at The Vamps first tour. It was only short as she had to dash off to VIP sound 
check (the lucky thing). I also got to meet all the other girls from our group chat, but only managed to get a few selfies together but it was worth it.

Soon it was time to begin queuing for our entry, where we could hear the boys in sound check which got Milly and I extremely excited as we would be seeing them again for the third time. Straight away we headed to the merchandise stalls and bought a little to much, but you can't have enough vamps merch. We got to our seats being only 4 rows away from the run way, made us so 
hyped for tonight's concert. 
Milly (@_milly_bell_)
It began. And boy I was unprepared. Luke Friend came on first and got the audience warmed up as he sang Hole In My Heart from his latest EP. It was very good to see him live again as I hadn't seen him since he had supported the boys back in September but if he tours I'd definitely try get tickets as he is worth it.

Next up was The Tide, I had never really listened to any of their covers but they absolute smashed it, singing a few covers and on of their originals Falling In Love Tonight which had the entire audience singing along. 

To wrap up the support acts was Union J. I was never really a huge fan of Union J but seeing them live changed me. They managed to get the audience with their flashlights out as they sang some of their most famous songs as we all sang a long side them.
Luke Friend
The Tide- Drew and Austin

The Tide- Drew
The Tide- Austin and Levi

Union J
The time at come. The Vamps came on stage with a bang, kicking off their concert with Wildheart. By this point the boys were already running round the stage like crazy and full of energy, ready to have another kick-ass show. I can't quite remember how I managed to survive, I think I just about coped. Seeing Bradley Will Simpson stood doing what he does best, less than 10 metres away from you, is like a dream. Next time I plan to met him okay.

As the show carried on, the boys sang a few of their most recent hits and then moved on to a mashup of covers from Taylor Swift, Shake It Off to Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars. Which all got the audience on to their feet dancing and jumping alongside each other. It was now time for individual solos, Tris soon took to the drums and became an animal whereas James did an acoustic version of Move My Way.

Brad. On. Piano. That is all I can say, he blew us all away with Another World. It got the audience in tears as he sang his god damn heart out and we all got our flashlights out, the arena looked amazing, I can't even imagine the feeling The Vamps get on stage seeing over 10,000 fans singing  along with flashlights in the air.

It was now time for #onstagewiththevamps! It wasn't until I heard who it was, I was screaming and shouting out her name. Yes, it was my friend Emily who got to go on stage with The Vamps. She got a group selfie with them and hugs from all four, even Brad commented on how he loved her red hair!

Oh Cecilia, was next on their set list and during Brad jumped of stage onto the barrier, so I tried to run to touch him but stupid me tripped over my bag that was on the floor and missed my opportunity. To close the concert The Vamps ended it with Can We Dance, getting us all on to our feet dancing together. All I can say is that, that day, 4th May 2015 was amazing and I hope anyone who is a fan of The Vamps gets to see them perform one day as its breath taking.

 I don't tend to write long emotional paragraphs but I just want to thank The Vamps for bringing me close to so many amazing people, I'd like to call my best friends. We may live miles apart but knowing you are always there for me and I'm there for you all too, makes me extremely happy that I have every single one of you in my life ♡

Jess (@7JessDavis)
Emily (@dipshit_calum)
Eve (@citykidlou)
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Amy (@_amyoneillx)

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