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A few of you have probably already of NCS whether your friends have taken part, you've seen adverts or from ambassadors on the internet such as Zoella, Joe Sugg and many other YouTubers and bloggers. NCS offers young people the opportunity to make extraordinary friendships, learn the skills they don’t teach you in class and create unforgettable memories.

With NCS it give you skills you will need for the near future once you leave school or collage. First you get to known your group and this the best time to meet new people and make new friends. You then get to stay away for numerous nights at an outdoor activity centre, doing fun activites such as rock climing, canoeing and other outdoor activities. Afterwards it's time to give back to your local community and leave your mark in your local area by delivering a social action project. But mainly the whole point of NCS is to have fun, be awesome and make long lasting friendships.

Taking part in NCS can benefit you in many ways, as it can help fast track your future by learning new skills for work and life and it will look great on your CV because it helps teach the skills employers say they are increasingly looking for in candidates: confidence, teamwork and leadership skills.Also NCS gives you a framework to show off and talk about your skills and experiences in interviews. What's more, NCS is recognised by UCAS and will help you deliver a killer personal statement.

I just want to tell you guys a little about my experience with NCS. Last October I took part in the Autumn scheme which was lots of fun and I have become closer friends to those who were in my group. At first we met up and did team building excercises and went bowling together, which was a laugh, soon we all got to know each other well.

Next up was our three night residential at Lockerbie Manor, were we did a range of outdoor activities, in the mud, rain and between the autumn leaves. Through these days away I gained confidence, pushed and broke many boundaries. I did things I never I thought I'd be able to achieve or even be able to do. There were many activities I enjoyed taking part in such as the zip wire, the blindfold challenge and the crate stack. On the other hand there is a few I tried my very best but weren't my favourite, such as the rock climb and the abseil (any of my friends reading this will understand why I didn't like the abseil).

Afterwards we visited the mayor and many local authorities such as the police station and others too. We had many talks from locals charities, and brainstormed our ideas and come up with our social action project. We came to the conclusion to help our local hospice dig out their gardens and repaint their shed and pagoda. The Eden Valley Hospice were very grateful to our contribution to them. To end you have a graduation, where you look back and reflect on everything that has happened and what skills you have learnt. You get given a certificated signed by the Prime Minister which is great to take to interviews.

If you aren't already sign up this summer to take part in NCS, then you should take part. Just click on the link below to view their official website and sign up if you like what you have seen so far. Trust me it will be the best decision you'll make this summer.

My NCS group

Mountain biking

Crate Stack

Shelter building

Fire lighting

Abseil and Rock Climbing

Survival skills

Blind challenge



Obstacle course

Social action project

Digging for charity

Repainting and tidying up

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