Birthday Celebrations | 17th

If you're like me and you love birthdays then look no further. As a few of you may already know it was my birthday on Saturday as I turned the big one-seven. Meaning ahead of me laid a busy weekend of celebrations with family and friends. To start I spent time with my family as we caught up on what has been happening as they helped me put up the three tents and get the garden all ready for tonight's get-together with my friends.

Obviously since I had turned 17, I was ready and wanting to begin driving out on the open road. Not going to lie I was nervous at first of the thought that I was driving and free and anything could happen. But I had my first driving lesson that afternoon, and my nerves were so calmer once I had set off and we headed to the country roads. I wasn't driving super fast but it was fast enough for me otherwise I'd have felt out of control. I am glad I survived my first lesson and I'm now ready to tackle the rest of my lessons to ensure I can pass my test first time round.

Later on my friends (Team Legend) all arrived and we cracked open the drinks and chilled outside, chatting and having a good laugh. Thank you to a few of my friends for my Disney Frozen Balloon, they know me to well. After plenty of food from the BBQ, we just sat around chatting and tried those new Doritos roulette, but only Lucy managed to pick the fiery hot chip which was entertaining to say the least. Darkness was creeping in on us and we decided it would be the best time to try smash open the piƱata, however we weren't that successful, with most of us just hitting the tree and I just failed as was trying to follow everyone else's instructions on moving left or right. Eventually we pulled it down from the tree and pulled it apart with our hands.

Most of you have probably heard of innuendo bingo played on BBC Radio 1, so we decided to give it ago. But instead of using clips from TV or radio we played it by using the Against Humanity Cards. Let's just say Katie, Milly, Lucy and I were all extremely wet from spraying water on each other from uncontrollable laughter. It was soon time to light the fire, once we all got settled around it, guess what happened? It began raining! Typical British weather.

Sunday morning soon came and we were all shattered, but having the family back over for extra birthday celebrations was a great way to rewind from the busy night and day I had had. I finally got to blow out my birthday candles on my cake and make my birthday wish, for which I can not say what it is, otherwise it won't come true.

I was spoilt by everyone this birthday, you all know how much it means too me. However my best friend Alex gave me the cutest birthday gift, that when I re-read the card she gave me I get all emotional and teary eyed. One thing she did was a box with 365 handwritten cards, each with an inspirational quote, a friendship quote, a movie quote or a song- meaning there is a card for every day of the year. Alex gave me these so every day I have something to smile about. Below is the box filled with cards and my inspirational quote I got on my birthday, which yet again got me all teary. I just want to say Alex has stuck by me with a lot and been there through thick and thin, she is my sidekick and I feel lucky to her call my best friend. You should all go check out her instagram @alig0705.

I just want to thank everyone for being a part of my birthday. Whether you messaged me or spent time with me. I love you all and I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life right now, you all mean so much to me and have a special place in my heart x

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