Memory Jar

I wanted to make sure 2015 was a year I'll remember, by doing so I was wanting to try and find a way I could write down as many good memories I will have in the upcoming year.

So I took to Pinterest to find ideas. There was so many creative designs and ideas, but I decided to keep it simple.  A seen quite a few memory jars, this is what I wanted to have!

All you need is-

A glass jar in any style you want - mine is from Ikea but plenty of other shops sell them too.

Stickers or printouts to decorate your glass jar so it doesn't look boring.

Paper and a pen -  I'm using Jack Wills note paper and my London tube map pen I got for Christmas.

Once you've decorated your jar with the stickers and printouts, everyday write down all of the good things that have happened and the bad things to if you want on to a single piece of paper, fold it up and pop it in the jar. Everyday throughout the year you continue to write down all the times that have made you smile and on New Year's Eve open your jar and read through all the amazing memories you've created throughout the year.

Here is my jar after a couple of days of memories-

I intend to fill it up my jar with special memories so I can therefore look back at the end of the year to smile and reflect on all the exciting and wondrous times I shared with all my friends.
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